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Sherri Rodriguez DBA The Performance Foyer / tpf
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About the directors.

Originally from Long Island New York, Sherri and Jimmy Rodriguez grew up surrounded by the Arts. After moving to Polk County Florida in the late 1980's, they hoped to find a school offering the Arts for their son, but with no luck, they decided to open one of their own. In May 2002, The Perfromance Foyer was born!

Sherri has been a Tap and Jazz dancer most of her life with Ballet being a major interest in later years. Jimmy has over twenty years training in the martial arts and is a USCDKA certified Black Belt and Instructor.

Chief Instructor Jessi

What a job!

Jessi Rodriguez
USCDKA Certified 3rd degree Black Belt & Chief Instructor, also co-director of The Praise Force Tae Kwon Do Team at The Performance Foyer, and our 2008 XMA National Grand Champion!

Favorite Quotes:

Those who hear not the music think the dancer's mad.

A Black Belt is only a White Belt that never QUIT!

tpf students ROCK!